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Domestic Fridge and Freezer Repair

Every home needs the perfect fridge. Whether you are a family of five or a family of two, your food needs to be kept cool, and a high-quality fridge is essential.
Just as you service your car, your fridge needs that care and attention also.
At Wangara Refrigeration, we specialise in the service and repair of all brands of fridges and freezers.


Fridges take a lot of strain as they run 24 hours a day and are constantly being opened and closed. Think about the amount of times your fridge’s doors open and close a day. First thing in the morning to make coffee, breakfast, pack lunches, then of course when the kids come home from school they need snacks, and then a drink – and it’s not even 4pm yet. By the time you have to make supper – your fridge has been opened and closed at least 20 times. If something breaks, we are here to help. Whether it’s the fridge door or your motor, we can assist with any sort of repairing your fridge requires. We even have a same day repair service so that you don’t have to worry about food spoiling and leaking floors.

Some tips to help  you keep your fridge running efficiently

  1. Clean the door seals every 6 months
  2. Check the door seals are sealing correctly by sliding paper between the door and seal.
    Is the paper hard to pull out? If yes, your seals are ok
  3. Clean the condenser every 6 months
  4. Check the run time of the fridge to ensure you are not using up too much power
  5. Strange noises are a sign that your fridge needs looking at before it fails completely. This is when you need to come talk to us!

At Wangara Refrigeration, we have the expertise required to assist you in finding the ideal fridge. With all the different features and brands available on the market, the process can become confusing. Chat to us and we will determine what kind of fridge would best suit your home.

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